Mark and Ann Diaries (bits) #6 The Lead In

Welcome to the sixth instalment of Mark and Ann bits. This one is a special one, it is the final bits that take place before Mark and Ann meet. This instalment leads directly into the first book, Returned and Reunited. See what took place moments before the story behind the cover takes place.

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Mark and Ann diaries (Bits) #5 Stubborn

Welcome to the fifth instalment of Mark and Ann bits. Like a lot of people Mark and Ann have to do something that might not be peasant, but it just has to be done. So how’s it get done? For Mark and Ann it’s solid will and strong determination and a whole lot of pure stubbornness. It gets the job done and sometimes it’s there’s that rare moment when all the discomfort and pain is worth it. Here’s another moment in the lives of Mark and Ann, before they became Wolf Moon.

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Mark and Ann Diaries (Bits) #1

Welcome to the first installment of Mark and Ann Diaries or what we affectionately call Mark and Ann Bits. These are short stand alone bits, that take place before, up to and between the books. Just a little extra to fill in the characters and their lives. These first installments take place before the book and before Mark and Ann meet. We hope you enjoy them and fall in love with the characters just as much as we have. Thank you for stopping by. #duttonNphillips Continue reading “Mark and Ann Diaries (Bits) #1”