Earn your gold Beta Reader badge.

Today I’m hosting my collaborative writer, Sallyann Phillips. Though the blog she’s posting is about our writing, I thought I’d let her tell it. So, over to Sallyann.

Thanks Tim, I’ll try to keep it short.


girls-2814009_640Every author eventually needs a beta reader or two, or three, or more, and Tim and I are no different. Now, most authors will find beta readers who enjoy reading the genre the author writes, though this is where Tim and myself re a little different. We don’t write any one genre, so it stands to reason we would need beta readers for each one.



student-41444_640You wouldn’t think so, but it’s not easy to find a regular beta reader. People have lives, family to take care of, work and general day to day activities, and that’s besides the fact that a lot of authors try to get their books on the shelves at special times of year, like Christmas, or Valentines Day, which is usually the times of year that people are even more busy the they usually are.


As a way to work around this, we decided to put together a list of beta readers. That way we would have a reader for each genre we write, and maybe even a reader that enjoys multiple genres, which leads me to the question we’d like to ask you –

girl-148866_640Do you want to join our beta reader list?

Okay, you know how a beta reader benefits the author, but, how does it benefit you, the beta reader?



Well, there are a few pluses for you too.

  1. You get to read the books before anyone else even knows it’s written.
  2. Your name is put into print in the actual book: Yes, your name goes on the acknowledgements page as a thank you for being our beta reader, immortalised in time for all to see 🙂
  3. You’ll receive a golden badge as a star duttonNphillips beta reader to put on your blog or social media pages.


If you’re interested in joining our beta reader list, then please contact us, either using my contact form or Tim’s. We look forward to hearing from you.

We hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe and stay happy.

Sallyann and Tim.

CHASING CARDS. New release and offers now on.

WM2 cover new FrontMy collaborator, Sallyann Phillips, an I are really excited to have released the second book in the Wolf Moon series called Chasing Cards. Yes, another case taken on by Mark and Ann and their cohorts Buzz and Wesson.

What will they do when they realise they can’t trust anyone? And, with no one to trust and nowhere to turn, and only a dead man’s hand to help, they’re going to have to pull the team together and form a hand strong enough to play a deadly game.

Now there is another reason we’re excited…well two reasons actually, and both are due to the new release.


R&RcoverTSfrontReturned and Reunited, book 1 int he Wolf Moon Investigations series, is now on a countdown deal on Amazon.com right now.

HMcover frontHoneymoon, the, what Tim and I call the in-between book 1.5, is free on Amazon.com right now.



Both are running for five whole days, so why not pick up your copies and get yourselves up to date on the cases, the romance, and the humorous ups and downs Mark and Ann face?

wolf cloud CC

There’s no better time than now!

Happy reading,


New Release TODAY

MW1 waterToday is the day my collaborator Sallyann, and myself, have released a new book. As of now, Moonlight Wolf is available on Amazon. Yes, it’s not a WolfMoon book, but have no fear, the second in the WolfMoon Investigations series is on its way.

We’ve been busy writing, and have a whole slew of works in all different stages of completion. There is no one specific genre, and we hope to be able to create something for everyone to enjoy.

So, watch this space, and see if there’s something that will tickle your reading taste-buds.

Take care, and I’ll see you all soon,



Mark and Ann diaries (bits) vol. 2 #1 Hand to Hand

Mark and Ann bits volume 2 are diary entries that fall between the WolfMoon series of books. so come and see what Mark and Ann get up to between cases.


adult-1867743Ann roundhouse kicks at my side. I block and grab. She slams a straight right into my gut. I let go of her leg. She smiles. I give her a light slap to the head. “That was good, but keep your guard up. One punch doesn’t take someone out of a fight.”

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