Mark and Ann diaries (bits) vol. 2 #1 Hand to Hand

Mark and Ann bits volume 2 are diary entries that fall between the WolfMoon series of books. so come and see what Mark and Ann get up to between cases.


adult-1867743Ann roundhouse kicks at my side. I block and grab. She slams a straight right into my gut. I let go of her leg. She smiles. I give her a light slap to the head. “That was good, but keep your guard up. One punch doesn’t take someone out of a fight.”

She nods, swings a right at my head. I high outside block it, throw a wide right. Ann steps in, grabs, spins and throws. I stumble past her, twist and put my guard up. “You would have added a leg or hip to that, I would have been on my ass. You could have charged, even, kept me off balance, you would have had me with my back turned.”
She nods again, controls her breathing and acts like she’s not tired. She charges forward but ducks her head. I grab her sports bra, fall backwards, throw her over me, and use the momentum to roll over in a seated position on top of her. I take a peek while there. She grabs my arm. Twists her hips out. Throws a leg over my head. Pushes for an arm-bar. I release my prize and roll out of it. We both jump to our feet.
I rush this time. Grab for her shoulder. She grabs my arm and spins. This time using her hips. I wrap my leg around hers and stiffen. We both fall. She spins so she lands on top. I’m not wearing a shirt for her to do a lapel choke, so she just grabs my throat with both hands. I bring my arm down, bending her elbows and drawing her face close enough to steal a kiss. She gives me the kiss but lightly bumps her head against my nose, letting me know she could if she wanted. I let out a chuckle. “I’ll give ya that one. You’re getting good, Darlin’. I’m proud of you.”
She’s breathing heavy, so am I. Her lips curl, her eyes brighten and she beams. She gives me another kiss and starts to roll off. I grab her and pull her close, I like how her body feels against mine. “Let’s just lay here a bit and catch our breath.”




 I don’t need telling twice. I curl back into him, throw my arm around his waist with my hand over his heart, hook a leg over his, and lay my head on his shoulder. His arms automatically come around me to hold me. It’s the best place in the world to be. Comfortable. Content. Happy. There’s always one other word that fits better. Home.
His heavy breathing rocks me, a lulling motion I enjoy as I feel his heart beating just a little fast in his chest. It makes me smile. I’m happy that I can at least give him a good workout, even if I still have a lot to learn. I may not have the skills yet, but I’m getting there, and I make up a lot with enthusiasm. He’s a great teacher. Patient, highly trained, and always willing to explain things.
Our exertion has heated his body and his tantalising scent radiates off him. I turn my nose into him and breathe him in. I’ll never get enough of him.
I press a kiss to his chest. “You’ve no idea what it means to me to have you say you’re proud of me.” Another kiss. “Makes me feel like I’m actually getting there.”
I move against him and feel his arms tighten. “I want you to be proud of me. I want you to know I can handle myself and trust me to do it.”
His hand moves down my back to my butt, a gentle soft stroke that ends in a light squeeze. I stroke a returning hand over his chest, scraping a nail gently over his nipple and making it stand on end. I hear a low growl and smile.
My hand wanders lower and his body tightens expectantly, and a quiver under my fingertips makes my smile wider. I trace a finger low over his abdomen, following the band of his training trousers, and am rewarded with a light twitch of his muscles.
I laugh when he growls and yanks me on top of him like I knew he would, a laugh he locks in my throat with a soul searing kiss.

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