Mark and Ann Diaries (Bits) #3 A Night Out

Welcome to the third instalment of Mark and Ann bits. We all have had that night out, that didn’t quite go the way we wanted. Whether it was a business meeting or a night out with friends. Mark and Ann once again are no exception. Lets take a look at a night out, before they met.


bread-1851249Sitting here at IHOP waiting on a client, I picked a booth that faces the foyer of the main entrance and showed up ten minutes early. I watch as an overweight, balding man comes in and looks around scanning the room. I raise my hand and motion to home. He smiles and hurries over. “Are you Mark Waya?”
I catch a whiff of him and just about get sick, foul, putrid sweat, and piss. My sense of smell is my most dominant sense, right now I wish it wasn’t. I nod and try to smile, also try not to breathe. “I am, guess that makes you, Jeremy Raines.”
He nods and extends his hand. I reluctantly shake it, motion for him to sit across from me and I slide as close to the wall as I can get. “What can I do for you, Mister Raines?”
“I heard you were good at finding people?”
“I’ve been known to find a few here and there.”
He laughs, more than he should, it wasn’t that funny. He looks around, then leans in close. I wish he hadn’t. “I met someone on Facebook. I love her Mister Waya. She keeps ignoring me, but I know if I could just talk to her face to face, I could make her understand.”
Son of a bitch is a god damn stalker! Him leaning in, let me know he knew what he was asking was wrong. I hold my cool. “What’s her name?”
“LeeAnn Riggs.”
I can use that. I show him just a bit of the wolf. “I’m gonna say this once, you stinking fat fuck. You can get up and hurry out the way you came in or I can jerk your sorry, fat ass over this table and throw you out the window.”
He starts to scooch as fast as he can but I grab him by the shoulder. “I know every Investigator in this county, I hear you hired one of them, I’m gonna show you just how good I am at finding people and I guarnt-damn-tee it, you ain’t gonna like it.”
He goes pale and hurries out. I go to the bathroom and try to wash the stink off. Need to find this LeeAnn Riggs and warn her, also need to give Captain Stanford the heads up. Ain’t nothing he can do but maybe he can keep an eye out anyway. I hate god damn perverts and stalkers. Well, at least Stanford will be happy I didn’t beat the hell out of this one. Course, I may just run into him again, you never know.


drink-1870140Why, oh why, do I let myself get dragged into these things? I knew I wouldn’t like it the moment I’d given in and said yes, but neither one of the girls would take no for an answer. One of them was currently in the bathroom, and the other was snuggled up with some guy she’d just met in the next booth leaving me sitting here like a lemon.
I look over at the bar and take a sip of my drink. What I wouldn’t give to be home right now, doing anything else would be better than sitting here.
A guy sitting on one of the barstools stands and he catches my eye.
Oh hell no! Don’t you come over here!
Great! Just damn dandy.
He’s headed this way.
He slips uninvited into the seat beside me. “Hey, babe! You here alone?”
I scowl up at him. “No.”
He doesn’t have a hair out of place, reeks of aftershave and alcohol, and when he smiles I can see he should have brushed his teeth before coming out tonight.
He puts his hand on my arm. I move. He slides closer. Again, I move, this time turning my face away from him.
Jesus! Won’t he take the damn hint?
He puts a hand on my thigh. “Come on baby, you know you want to.”
I sigh. I guess that’s a no then. I turn to face him, he tries to kiss me and I rear back. Not in this lifetime buddy! I stand, grab my drink, and pour it over his head. “Keep your fucking hands to yourself.”
I turn to walk away.
Why is it they just can’t take no for an answer?
He grabs my arm. “I was being nice to you, bitch!”
I knew it would lead to this.
I clench my hand, pull back my arm, and sock him straight in the jaw. He hits the table and glasses smash as he lands on his ass on the floor. “I was being nice to you, prick.”
I turn away and come face to face with Brian, the owner of the bar. “Come on Ann, Stephen’s on his way to come get you.”
“Oh come on, Brian! Did you have to call him? He already thinks I’m a hothead.”
He smirks. “Your brother isn’t wrong, is he? Every time you come in here you get yourself in a fix.”
I follow him back to his office. “I haven’t been in here in six months.”
He opens his office door and motions me in. “And, that’s why I thought it would be okay to let you in.”
“He started it.”
Jesus, I sound like a petulant child. I knew I should have stuck to my guns and stayed home.

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