Mark and Ann Diaries (Bits) #2 Lonely

Welcome to the second instalment of Mark and Ann bits. Everyone gets lonely, Mark and Ann are no exception. Before they met, the Wolf had no Moon to howl for and the Moon had no Wolf to shine for. Take a glimpse into their loneliness.


bed_1Another late night, time enough to take a shower, hit the bed and maybe I can get a couple hours sleep before my next client meeting. Bed looks lonely, cold. Yep, cold bed, and even colder shower. Face it there isn’t anyone out there ever going to put up with your hours. Besides who would want to date a grown man, who runs around chasing bad guys and calls himself a wolf.
Yep Mays as well get used to being alone. Learn to accept it and focus on protecting and finding. It’s what we do, who we are. Always get lonely when I’m tired, what was… Oh yea cold shower, cold bed.


tear_1I don’t often argue with my brother, but who the hell did he think he was trying to set me up on a blind date with one of his ‘perfect for you’ buddies? Who was he to say that my temper would stand between me and me finding someone to spend the rest of my life with? Okay, I’d kind of proved his point by ripping his damn fool head off, but why would he think I’d settle for ‘someone who would put up with me’.
I want someone who can match me, not put up with me. Someone strong and sure enough of themselves not to be intimidated by me. Someone who will see my fire and love me more for it, not see it as a short falling.
There has to be someone out there like that for me, doesn’t there? I hope so because I’ll be damned if I’ll settle for anything less!

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