Mark and Ann Diaries (Bits) #1

Welcome to the first installment of Mark and Ann Diaries or what we affectionately call Mark and Ann Bits. These are short stand alone bits, that take place before, up to and between the books. Just a little extra to fill in the characters and their lives. These first installments take place before the book and before Mark and Ann meet. We hope you enjoy them and fall in love with the characters just as much as we have. Thank you for stopping by. #duttonNphillips


jeep_1_origMy phone rings and shatters the quiet. Just about shatters my nerves too. I answer it the way I always answer it. “Mark Waya Private Investigations, this Mark what can I do for you?”
I know the only person that’s going to call me at one o’clock in the morning is Captain Stanford. The angry voice on the other end confirms it. “God Damn it, Mark, what the Hell are you up to now?”
“Not now, now. Earlier now. Why is there a man in one of my cells all beat to Hell again?”
I’m tired so I give him the short version. “He’s a stalker and a woman beater. He resisted.”
He lets out a disgusted breath. “God Damn it, Mark, you can’t beat the Hell out of every abuser or pervert out there!”
I let out my own breath. “I can the ones I find. Listen, I’m tired and worn out, I don’t have time for this. I will be in, in the morning, you can bitch me out to my face, but right now I’m hanging up. Don’t call back.”
I know he won’t like it and I know I will hear just how much, tomorrow, but right now I have a job to do. Client said it would be a simple surveillance, but when you’ve been in this business as long as I have you learn there is nothing simple about surveillance. Long, boring, lonely, but not simple. The first hour is fine, but after that, your attention starts trying to fade. You have to force yourself to focus. It’s especially hard when you’re alone. Isolation has never really bothered me, but sometimes it would be good just to talk to someone.
A partner would be nice, would make surveillance a little more… well, Hell simple I guess. You can share responsibility, take turns watching, but you can’t just take anyone along. Has to be someone you trust. Finding someone I can trust is anything but simple. Guess I’m a simple man who’s just not that simple. I think it’s the tiredness talking now. Maybe one day I will find somebody who can share the burdens. A partner I can depend on, but for now, I better focus, because when you’re this damn tired focusing, just ain’t that simple.


coffee_origAnother weekend of doing nothing! Story of my life. I flip the switch on my kettle, with nothing else to do I go for more coffee. I live on the stuff and hitting double figures in a day isn’t unusual for me. Any excuse and I make another. Bored, make coffee. Tired, make coffee. And on and on it goes.
I guess I could make the effort, spruce myself up and head on out the door, and I guess if I was more sociable I might think about it. Trouble is you have to like people to go out and socialise, and while I might manage an hour or two I’d never manage a full evening. I have tried it, yet as soon as I see bad behaviour, or hear some of the rubbish people talk about, then I’m all set to get home before I say something I shouldn’t, or, of course, before I knock someone the hell out. Yes, that’s me, anti-social.
It would be nice to find someone to talk to. Someone who just gets me. Someone I don’t have to explain my train of thought to because they already think the same way I do. But, most importantly of all I want someone I can trust.
It hasn’t happened yet, and if I listen to Steven it never will because I’m too hard-headed and I don’t trust anyone. Got to love my brother for being so understanding and pointing out the obvious. Can’t say he’s wrong, though, dad used to say the same thing, but, dammit! There has to be someone out there for me, right? I just haven’t found him yet.
My kettle knocks off and I pour my coffee. Just as well with the way my thoughts are going. At least now I can get back to my book and drown out the loneliness.

Join us again for more of Mark and Ann diaries (bits).
Tim Dutton & Sallyann Phillips #duttonNphillips

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